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Here at BWG Holdings, we help grow market leading¬†businesses. By focusing on leveraged buy outs, build ups and growth equity investments, we’ve successfully invested in multiple businesses over the years. Some of these investments include Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, and Phorcys Capital Partners. All of which have grown to over $5 million in revenue.

Currently, the team at BWG Holdings have a focus on tech based businesses. Our founder, Brian Giese, became CEO of True Influence in 2008. After scaling the company for 13 years, Brian led the company to a very successful, 9-figure acquisition. On top of our experience in tech based businesses, we are so confident in our abilities to scale businesses that we exclusively use our own capital on hand with the goal of our management teams becoming majority owners.

At BWG Holdings, We are interested in backing young teams who are interested in growing high quality operating businesses over multi-decade time horizons. If you truly want to build and scale a long term and scaled business and have a target in mind we would love to talk. Contact us today to get started.

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